Lexi’s Story

How “At Home Acupressure for Animals” came to be:

In 1993, I adopted a retired racing greyhound from Linda & Larry Brown’s rescue center in Acton, Ca. From the start, my wonderful new companion, Lexi (aka “St. Lex”) needed a lot of help both physically and emotionally to heal from his experiences on the racetrack as well as to adjust to life with me in my urban condo.

Shortly after Lexi came home with me, I was blessed to find a veterinarian close to us that not only had experience with sighthounds, but even had a greyhound rescue of his own. A few weeks later, some friends referred me to a veterinary acupuncturist so Lexi could have the best of both worlds supporting him on his journey to wellness.

Even though both vets were kind and gentle, Lexi loathed his much needed frequent “medical” visits creating havoc from the minute his paws touched the vet’s doorway until the time he left the building. He hated his acupuncture visits even more, howling pitifully, and often growling at us with bared teeth when he saw the needles approaching. After a particularly stressful visit at the acupuncturist’s, I decided to literally take matters into my own hands by starting to do short acupressure sessions with Lexi several times a day instead of taking him for acupuncture visits.

Prior to bringing Lexi into my life, my acupressure experience had been only with humans. After much trial and error, I adapted the style of acupressure I used with humans to work with animals. Within a short period of time, our daily light touch acupressure sessions not only helped Lexi to heal physically and to release the emotional trauma, but also served as a deeply fulfilling bonding ritual we both looked forward to.

Even though Lexi passed over “The Rainbow Bridge” in 2001, his legacy remains in the form of “At Home Acupressure For Animals” that I now offer in private sessions and workshops.

Over the years, as my understanding deepened through ongoing study and experiences with my animal clientel, the original sequences I adapted to help Lexi evolved into the simple format of at home acupressure routines I now teach.

No prior experience in the healings arts is needed to learn the routines…just a love of animals and a desire to help our 4 legged friends live a healthy, balanced life.

In addition to teaching animal lovers to learn Jin Shin Jyutsu® acupressure for home use in private sessions and workshops,  I also offer  phone & video SKYPE sessions as well as,  in person hands on Jin Shin Jyutsu® for animals sessions.