Kaaren’s Product Pick Of The Month February 2011


“The Mars Coat King Triple Wide Shedding Tool”

I have Icelandic Horses and live in sunny Central California. Even with body clipping my two geldings once in early September & trace clipping again at end of October, they still grow enough of a long coat with very thick undercoat to be very uncomfortable when our annual late January/early February heat spell with temps in the high 70’sF roll in. Usually we get another rain spell through until late March, so body clipping again is not an option since they don’t like to be blanketed.

Enter the “Mars Triple Wide” grooming tool. This shedding blade with handle helps to thin their heavy undercoat while removing any of the loose long outer hairs that begin to drop in mid-January each year.

When actual shedding begins in the Spring, this amazing hand held tool shed my horses in 1/4 of the time it would take with regular shedding blades or curry’s.

To use, you just slide the blade in the direction the coat grows and all the loose hair is quickly & easily dispatched. The hair stays in the blade not on you & cleans by simply removing the hair wad with your fingers from the bottom edge of the safety blades.

My horses love it because it does not tug or pull their hair like other tools we’ve used…and I love it because I’m not covered in hair during the process.

The Groomer’s Mall (www:groomersmall.com) has the best US prices I’ve found. Even shedding two hairy Icelandics twice a year doesn’t dull the blades for at least 2 years.

Replacement blades are only about $28.00 + SH with the entire blade + handle costing about $60.00+SH.

I use the 30 blade triple wide on my Iceys and the 60 blade triple wide on my finer coated Quarter Horse Mare.

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