Kaaren’s Product Pick Of The Month For APRIL 2012…”The Honest Kitchen”: “Ice Pups” Review

“Ice Pups” by The Honest Kitchen is another great addition to your dogs food & treat plan. As the name implies, the mixture can be frozen into “pupsicles” for your dog to enjoy during the warmer months. It can also do double duty anytime as a gravy over their meals warm or cold. All you do is add water to the desired consistency , stir to mix and it’s ready to serve.

I make our “gravy” with some leftover homemade chicken broth and watch Cassie & Will’s meal dissappear.

The ingredients are all human grade, salt and grain free, so a very versatile, healthy addition to enhance palatibilty for those finicky eaters as well as just adding something different.

BTW, for those who have been following the Blogs on The Honest Kitchen formulas, Cassie & Will are still loving the Keen alternating with pureed Force meals. Their coats look great and the dental specialist we use said their teeth and gums look better than they ever have. Best of all, they have no gas, their stool is well formed and they love their meals. I feel better knowing that the formulas are all human grade and balanced to keep my pups healthy.

Stay tuned for next months Blog,

Kaaren, Cassie & Will.

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