After much unsuccessful searching the internet & scouring pet stores across Central and Southern California for a natural kibble I felt comfortable recommending, a friend in Los Angeles suggested I look into “Great Life” freeze dried kibble formulas. She has been feeding this product to her Belgian Shepards and Pomerian for a few years now with very good results. Sharon does add fresh homemade chicken broth, a small amount of brown rice as well as some homecooked chicken to round out their meals. Her veterinarian looked at the formulas when she first started feeding “Great Life”and gave it the two thumbs up. Sharon says her dogs all give “Great Life” kibble the 4 paws up..which is the most important endorsement of all!!

According to the website, “Great Life” uses only the highest grade US grown meats, fruits, whole grains and veggies with vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, salmon oil & probiotics added to balance the formulas. The kibbles undergo a unique manufacturing process in a high grade US facility that saturates each piece evenly with all the nutrients. The kibbles come in both grain and grain-free formulas featuring several different protein bases.

What impressed me the most, was that there were no “natural flavorings”, potato or “pea products” in any of the grain or grain-free formulas. The ratios of grain to protein in the grain formulas are also moderate..so all in all, on paper these formulas look pretty good to me. The same company also offers limited ingredient formulas, a lower price point line, as well as canned food, so there’s something for everyone. All ingredients AND batches are also tested by an independant lab for numerous molds and toxins. Best of all, since they first started up in 1996, there have been NO RECALLS of any of their products..which is more than what 80% of the other dry kibbles on the market can state. I also called a highly regarded local doggie day care who sells “Great Life” and the owner told me they have been selling it and feeding it to all their doggie day care/boarding clients for about 5 years with no issues whatsoever.

Finally after questioning the manager in the Simi Valley, Ca. corporate offices at length, I felt confident enough to do a trial at home with my two whippets. In order to give this product a proper test run, I’ve ordered one bag of each “Great Life” formula in the chicken base that Cassie & William Whippet do well with intending to mix with fresh chicken and turkey, homemade broths and a small amount of their favorite brown rice or oatmeal with the grain free formula.

Since my two whippets do well with small amounts of a variety of well cooked grains, I think if the “Great Life” formulas agree with them I will end up feeding the grain free kibble soaked in turkey/chicken broth mixed with fresh cooked chicken and turkey and fresh cooked grains so I can rotate the grains Cassie & Will like…just as I do for my husband & I.

For More Information Contact:

Great Life Performance Products
(805) 577-9663

……….Stay tuned next month for Cassie & Will’s review. of “Great Life” Kibble

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