Kaaren’s Product Pick Of the Month For October 2011: The Honest Kitchen…another option for healthy meals your dogs will enjoy.

There is much controversy on what “healthy” diet is best for your dogs. Some camps prefer no grain, some tout all raw, some prefer kibble with fresh foods added and still others recommend home cooking from scratch. In the end what you choose will depend on your dog’s individual needs, the time you have to prepare foods and of course your budget. Always listen to the feedback your dog gives you.

Whatever route you choose to go, just make sure that the vitamin & mineral supplements are formulated to balance what you are feeding or are already added to the dog food you buy. Having an appropriate calcium to phosphorus ratio is key to your dogs health…and remember too much, too little or inappropriately balanced supplements can cause problems for your dog. They do have different nutritional needs than humans that need to be considered.

The Honest Kitchen recipes are a bridge between the all raw diet and all home cooked meals with grain, offering minimally processed, 100% human-grade dehydrated dog & cat food that you can make in minutes in your own home. All you need to do is add water or broth and stir. Many people add fresh cooked or raw animal protein and/or veggies to the meals. What I love is that the vitamins and minerals are already balanced within each recipe for your peace of mind.

The Honest Kitchen has nine dog meal recipes to choose from featuring both grain and grain free formulations available in turkey, chicken, beef and fish based meals. They also offer healthy dog treats and additional supplements for special needs.

One of my whippets, Cassie, loves the Force formula best out of the four we tried so far, but my other whippet Will, prefers the homecooked meal recipes by Furoshnikov’s I mentioned in last months Blog. Cassie who I affectionately call “Hog Dog”, will eat either in a heartbeat. I did find that for my senior Cassie, I needed to hydrate the meals longer than the directions recommended and then blend so she could digest the food better…ie., no bits of undigested food in her stool. These meals are a great help for those who feed all raw and travel with their dogs, because all you do is add water.

The only downside to The Honest Kitchen meals is the cost for those that have large dogs, but that can be remedied by adding more fresh protein, veggies and grains using less of The Honest Kitchens meals.

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