Kaaren’s Product Pick Of The Month October 2012…Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium Review

With so many of my clients wanting to homecook for their dogs, I have done extensive research searching for an eaily digestible, high assimilation mineral source to balance homcooked meals.

After trying a few with my senior whippet Cassie who has a sensitive digestive system, the “keeper” is hands down, Animal Essentials, Seaweed Calcium. Whole Dog Journal had recipes for preparing homecooked meals a few years back and highly recommended the Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium to balance the minerals..

The manufacturer suggests 1/2 tsp. of the product for each pound of homecooked food.

Animal Essentials’ Calcium Supplement is a natural calcified seaweed product harvested from the seabeds off the south west coast of Ireland. The source is a small red seaweed, Lithothamnium, which is composed of a wide variety of body essential nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Each batch is strictly laboratory tested for purity.

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Stay tuned next month for more of Cassie & Racie’s favorite natural dog products.


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