Kaaren’s Product Picks Of The Month For May 2011

Hilton Herbs is a UK based company started in 1990 by Master Herbalist Hilary Self and her husband Tony specializing in products for dogs & horses.


All of their well thought out formulas, as well as packaging, are made from “Fair Trade”, sustainable materials. The herbal ingredients are a mix of wildcrafted and cultivated high quality plant sources.

Here are a few of my personal favorites for horses:

“GENERAL HERB POWER” is a holistic enhancement for your horse’s well being. This balanced blend of western hemisphere field herbs is formulated to sustain optimal health in our equine companions year round. This mix is especially good for horses with restricted grazing access and during the winter months.

I love that this herb mix provides the goodness of Nature that horses would receive if they foraged on large acreage.

“CIRCULATE SUPPORT GOLD” is a masterful blend that supports the circulation of equines of all ages, putting a spring back into the step of seniors! My now 29 yo arthritic mare with navicular syndrome stays comfortable year round with her daily dose and nothing else other than her free choices minerals and salts.

“HIMALAYAN SALT LICKS” are mined from centuries old deposits in the Himalayan mountains. This salt is free from toxins and pollutants and is thought to be the purest found on the planet. It contains 84 easily absorbed trace minerals to promote optimal health.

My two senior Iceys and Quarter Horse mare love this salt block and seem to adjust to seasonal changes, keeping a healthy weight much easier since I began using this product nearly 5 years ago.

I always keep a white salt brick out as well so they have a choice.

To order in North America contact:

www.thehealingbarn.com and speak with Corri.

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