Cathy and Frankie

Cathy and Frankie

Hi Kaaren,

I want to thank you for your guidance in the purchase of my Sensation western saddle. I and my horse have come to enjoy riding in it very much. It has been a struggle since I purchased my 15.2 hands QH gelding almost a year and a half ago to find a saddle that is comfortable for the 2 of us. We have borrowed many saddles; demoed many saddles; had professional saddle fitters try fitting him; looked at very expensive saddles that have technology to adjust the saddle with air bladders to accommodate his shoulder size disparity; and have tried multiple pads, all to no avail. His prominent, asymmetrical left shoulder prevented me from finding a saddle that fit him comfortably/correctly and my back and hip issues almost led me to believe last year that I would have to keep to nothing more than a walk on the trail, if I was lucky.

I joined the yahoo chat group for treeless saddles and began to read all I could from the various posts/threads. After many months of reading and doing additional reading/research on the internet, I demoed a Sensation western saddle. I was able to compare it to a BMSS which I had previously borrowed from a friend for about two months and found it to be pretty darn comfortable for the two of us. My hips and back did not hurt for the first time in a long time, even after I loped him in the arena, which I had not done in well over a year. I subsequently did a phone consultation with you which was the clincher for me.

The first time I rode Frankie in this saddle, I distinctly recall that he strode out going downhill which he never did a treed saddle because of the discomfort to his shoulders. I am so happy that I finally found something that is going to work for the two of us.

It has been a definite process of increasing the length of our rides as his musculature develops while in this saddle. I did ride him too long too soon in the beginning but time is no longer an issue. It has been a joy to ride again as we’ve been out hitting the trails, sorting and doing some trail trials. The vet saw him yesterday and she remarked at how much more toned he looks, especially on his top line. My hips no longer hurt and my back, which will always be mildly sore from thinned discs, is nowhere experiencing the level of pain I previously had in my treed saddle.

May your saddle be comfy and your trails smooth!

So again, we thank you!
Cathy and Frankie