Saddle Savvy Book

by Kaaren Jordan

SADDLE SAVVY….a step by step guide to making informed english saddle choices.

saddle-savvyMy goal in writing Saddle Savvy for English saddles is to provide horse keepers with tools that enable them to understand how to select saddles that fit both themselves & their equine friend, to assess suitability of current saddles & to trouble shoot existing situations.

By applying the information presented in this e-book or paperback book, you will be able to ask saddle sales people & fitters key questions to make sure you select what is appropriate for your & your horse.

Since the saddle market has expanded beyond traditional treed choices over the past 10 years, I have included a chapter on understanding the Alternative options available. This section is devoted to assisting you to navigate the myriad of brands to select the type that best suits your needs & your horses back type.

Special headings cover padding system selection for the different back types & trouble shooting existing issues.

As the saying goes….”knowledge is power”. My intention is to share information that will give you the power to make informed choices for both you & your horse.

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Book also available in paperback through Amazon.

Saddle Savvy by Kaaren Jordan

Saddle Savvy
Kaaren Jordan

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