At Home Acupressure For Animals

  • Denis and D'Misha

    Denise Schryver

    I attended a one day seminar with Kaaren Jordan on Jin Shin Jyutsu for pets and humans. I’ve used it with great success on my senior Belgian Tervuren. It lowers his random anxiety and he enjoys the sessions, lessening the need for prescription tranquilizers.

    After traveling in late March 2014, through 2 international airports, I got the flu. I have never been so sick for so long in my life. I was under Dr’s care but still not well enough to resume even my simple daily routine, I could only be up for 15 minutes at a time. Kaaren did some long distance healing work on me and I could feel it as she was giving the treatment and felt the healing afterward. The treatments and dietary suggestions made a big difference in the improvement of my health as well as my energy level. I was able to increase my time doing the things that I love to do in my daily life and keep up with my busy schedule.

    Denise Schryver

  • Katie's

    Katie Hawkins CPDT-KA

    I believe Kaaren and her healing practices have been very instrumental in keeping both myself and my dogs healthy.

    Kaaren has helped with my Sheltie who has cancer and is in heart failure. His quality of life is greatly improved because of the acupressure that Kaaren used with him. That combined with the things she taught me to do at home have been so helpful. We are going on three years since his cancer diagnosis with great quality of life for him, which was my goal.

    Using the techniques I learned in the classes I have been able to help my dogs at home with many problems ranging from diarrhea to hormonal issues.

    Since the animal treatments went so well. I met with Kaaren for a human health session. Kaaren helped me with a workable plan to change my diet and eating habits and did distance healing as well. The results have been dramatic. I feel great, have lost weight and have more energy then I have in years.  All using real foods and not crazy expensive supplements.

    Kaaren is easy to work with and very caring. I really can’t recommend her enough.

    Katie Hawkins CPDT-KA
    Gentle Touch pet Training 

  • Marcia and Tango

    Marcia Nelson

    I met Kaaren Jordan years ago when we shared an interest in learning from Peggy Cummings of Connected Riding.

    Peggy introduced me to a gentle way of working with horses in all walks of their lives, whether it be training, riding or managing their care and their lives.

    It was fun to meet others that were on the same path and Kaaren was definitely on that path.

    I reconnected with Kaaren in more recent years and she has indeed made this the center of her focus with horses; to work gently and kindly with not only horses but other animals as well.

    She shared some wonderful materials she has endorsed and produced in her work with animals. I asked her to come and do some body work on some of my horses and it was wonderful to see her work with them and to see the noticeable improvements during and after her sessions. She left me with clear and concise instructions on how to do follow up work with them.

    I highly recommend her work along with her demeanor with any animal of mine and I am very particular about how my animals are handled and cared for.

    Marcia Nelson
    Santa Ynez, California

  • Shelley Kenny

    Kaaren Jordan recognizes my ongoing health processes.

    I feel grateful that she is a teacher and a practitioner with no professional arrogance or ego.  She treats the whole person with empathy and a willingness to listen and answer any question I have, even if I’ve asked it before!

    I enjoy learning Jin Shin Jyutsu  for my personal at home treatment of issues that arise, and Kaaren is happy to treat me at long distance, when I am unable to do so for myself.

    We have worked progressively on my hormones, inability to fall asleep, hot flashes, food cravings and in concert with my chiropractor for a muscle trauma I just sustained.

    Kaaren also loves helping animals and teaching us the skills to create balance and harmony in our fur children.

    I trust and happily recommend Kaaren Jordan for her intuitive and open approach to guide me toward wellness.

    I am an artist, working in mosaic glass, jewelry , and assemblage art.

    My favorite piece is a winged plaque with inspirational words, or personal photos under glass.  I have been told it is a very healing piece and has brought tears to a few eyes!
    I am happy to do custom orders.

    Shelley Kenny