Preparing For Fall

During this hot and humid time of the year, it’s important to wash and dry your saddle pads well after use to prevent the build up of fungus, molds, bacteria. I like to put a few drops of lavander and tea tree oil into the wash water as a natural mold/fungus/bacteria inhibitor.  It makes things smell good too!!

In this weather, horses can build up quite a sweat on even shorter rides. Be sure to saddle soap all your tack  after each use to prevent any potential for build up of the “nasties”. I like to pay special attention to girths and breast collar nooks and crannies.

My Icelandics are already starting to shed their summer coats to grow in their winter ones.  I give them a weekly rinse with some of Equi-lite’s “Sore No More” in the water.  They really like a refreshing brace of the same sponged on after a ride.  In order to prevent “itchy mane/tail” syndrome, I put some “sore No More” into a spray bottle and give their manes and tails a healthy spritz.

Mine seem to need more minerals and salt at this time of year, so I have ABC’s free choice minerals out for them as well as a brick of white salt and Himalayan salts so they can choose what they need.  ABC Plus probiotic is another staple at this time top dressed daily to keep intestinal flora balanced.

Stay tuned for more Saddle Savvy case histories next month.

Happy Trails,


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