Harmonizing Gems…for our animal friends and people too!

Harmonizing gems balance the vital energy centers of the body known as chakras by utilizing the healing qualities of each gemstone and through color therapy.

Chakra/Gem Chart


1st Chakra – Root = Core identity, security, survival

Black Onyx – Grounding, transformational, prosperity, self -control, decision making, happiness, to absorb what is needed in all situations.


2nd Chakra – Belly = Creativity, personal power, inner child

Carnelian – Creativity, precision, lifts moods, charisma; dispels fear, rage


3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus = “Processing Center”, mental body, emotions, self confidence, will power

Tiger’s Eye – Balances solar plexus, helps discernment, reduces stress, aids mental focus, soothing and calming.
Citrine – Self-awareness, mental focus, opens upper chakras, prosperity, regenerates tissues/CNS


4th Chakra – Heart = Self love, compassion, connectedness

Adventurine – Helps us to avoid taking on “stuff” from others, decisiveness, follow-through, initiative, keeps us on track, light heartedness.
Green Onyx – Centering, self control, mental stability, general balancer.


5th Chakra – Throat = Communication, integrity, creativity, expression

Lapis – Releasing old patterns & programs, wisdom, clarity, courage, communication, deep healing on all levels.


6th Chakra – 3rd Eye = Intuition, God/Goddess within

Labadorite – Intuition, transformational energy (“fairy energy”), conscious awareness of life purpose, strengthens auric field.


7th Chakra – Crown = Spiritual awareness

Amethyst – Calming, serenity, stability, strength, self worth, common sense, protective, “meditation stone”

*Chakra symbols courtesy Wikipedia.org


Harmonizing Gems

Horse Harmonizer

Horse Harmonizing Gems

$20 Plus SH

8mm onyx and
4mm gemstone beads

and alligator clip to
attach to main or tail

3.5″ total length

Cat & Dog Harmonizer

Dog and Cat Harmonizing Gems

$10 Plus SH

Small circle of
4mm gemstone beads

Attachment ring for pet’s collar with breakable string for safety.

Harmony Necklace

People Pendant
$20 Plus SH

8mm onyx

4mm gemstone beads

Pendant is 2″ tall and comes on a 3mm black adjustable cord.

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