Kaaren’s Product Pick Of The Month For March 2011

My favorite mane & tail de-tangler is “Know Knot Conditioner”. It’s an all natural spray-on, leave in conditioner the allows your brush to glide through even the toughest knots & mud clumps in tangled tails. It does not leave a sticky residue like some of the other brands I’ve tried and can be used on both wet or dry manes/tails. The scent is light and natural and does not attract dust or dirt.

I have two Icelandic Horses who have notoriously coarse, dry, thick manes & tails. This product cuts my grooming time in half leaving their manes & tails feeling silky soft with great shine for days.

To order direct or to find a local retailer contact:

Show Off Time: (866)959-9919 / www:showofftime.us.com

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