Marcia Nelson

Marcia Nelson

I met Kaaren Jordan years ago when we shared an interest in learning from Peggy Cummings of Connected Riding.

Peggy introduced me to a gentle way of working with horses in all walks of their lives, whether it be training, riding or managing their care and their lives.

It was fun to meet others that were on the same path and Kaaren was definitely on that path.

I reconnected with Kaaren in more recent years and she has indeed made this the center of her focus with horses; to work gently and kindly with not only horses but other animals as well.

She shared some wonderful materials she has endorsed and produced in her work with animals. I asked her to come and do some body work on some of my horses and it was wonderful to see her work with them and to see the noticeable improvements during and after her sessions. She left me with clear and concise instructions on how to do follow up work with them.

I highly recommend her work along with her demeanor with any animal of mine and I am very particular about how my animals are handled and cared for.

Marcia Nelson
Santa Ynez, California