Shelley Kenny

Shelley Kenny

Kaaren Jordan recognizes my ongoing health processes.

I feel grateful that she is a teacher and a practitioner with no professional arrogance or ego.  She treats the whole person with empathy and a willingness to listen and answer any question I have, even if I’ve asked it before!

I enjoy learning Jin Shin Jyutsu  for my personal at home treatment of issues that arise, and Kaaren is happy to treat me at long distance, when I am unable to do so for myself.

We have worked progressively on my hormones, inability to fall asleep, hot flashes, food cravings and in concert with my chiropractor for a muscle trauma I just sustained.

Kaaren also loves helping animals and teaching us the skills to create balance and harmony in our fur children.

I trust and happily recommend Kaaren Jordan for her intuitive and open approach to guide me toward wellness.

I am an artist, working in mosaic glass, jewelry , and assemblage art.

My favorite piece is a winged plaque with inspirational words, or personal photos under glass.  I have been told it is a very healing piece and has brought tears to a few eyes!
I am happy to do custom orders.

Shelley Kenny