Kaaren’s Product Pick Of The Month For February 2012….”The Honest Kitchen”……..Cassie & Will’s Review Part 2:

It’s a few months since I started feeding The Honest Kitchens recipes to Cassie & Will and they are continuing to do really well with the Keen that I add fresh meat and fresh veggie purees to. Their coats are glossy and they truly love their meals.

I gradually added the Force formula to their meal plans over a two week period alternating every other day with the Keen recipe, but my senior whippets could not handle the recipe. Both Cassie & Will had loose stool ongoing and some gas. They loved the Force recipe though cleaning their bowls and begging for more. After switching back to just Keen, their stools returned to normal within a few days with no gas.

The wonderful Honest Kitchen staff suggested I try pureeing the Force recipe after soaking to make it easier on my whippet’s senior digestive tracts since it is a chunkier/coarser blend than the Keen. The next day I tried this & the formula was too thick for my blender, so I have a food processor on the way to follow their recommendation.

Stay tuned next month for an update on how my whippets do with the pureed Force formula.

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