Kaaren’s Product Pick Of The Month June 2012… “Doglicious Goodies” Review ..in memory of William Whippet.

On April 30, 2012, we had to help our beloved Wiliiam Whippet out of form here at home after a 2 1/2 year health challenge with congestive heart failure. We all miss him, but are truly grateful to have had him in our lives for what the cardiologist told us was more than double the usual life expectancy for his condition.

For most of those 2 1/2 years, apart from the last 3-4 days, William enjoyed a very good quality of life patroling the yard many times daily, giving Cassie Whippet her daily “hump”, jumping on/off our beds and going for local car rides…with frequent road trips to LA to see the cardiologist. Not to be forgotten was his favorite job greeting my human holistic health care clients at the door showering them with many whippet kisses.

He was such a loyal companion, taking his job of watching over me 24/7 quite seriously until the very last night we spent together. His now empty bed at the foot of mine reminds me of his huge, sweet presence and all the joy he brought into my life over the nearly 12 years we were together. The love & devotion we shared will forever stay with me.

The last 8 months of William Whippet’s congestive heart failure, brought many ups & downs. He was greatly helped with the At Home Acupressure For Animals I teach to my clients, but during those down periods his appetite was sometimes low until we found the right balance of meds, so I kept on hand an array of goodies for him to choose from.

Here’s where the line of “Doglicious Goodies” came into play. They have an extensive choice of homemade “doggie cookies” as well as Chicken Jerky and Chicken & Sweet Potato Patties, so for sure out of their 6 flavors of all natural, organic when possible cookies and the two chicken jerky treats, Will could find something that whett his appetite.

“Doglicious Goodies” is made in Santa Maria, California, by hand with ALL USA grown ingredients, no preservatives, colors, chemicals or fillers. You can order them direct from Kelly Hughs, the owner and chief baker.

Because of Will’s dietary restrictions, I needed to call “Doglicious Goodies” before I offered them to him. Kelly was very forthright in answering all my detailed questions and kept in touch to see how things were going. She really cares about the animals..not just “the bottom line”.

The entire line were favorites of Will and Cassie Whippet still enjoys a treat or two daily.


Doglicious Goodies
Kelly Hughs, owner & baker


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